David Okeke

Tech Entrepreneur, Product Manager, Design aficionado

I’m a business and product leader with 7+ years of experience in product management and product design. I work with empowered teams to create sustainable software that people love to use.

I Can Help You With...

Product and Business Leadership

I specialize in building and coaching teams in environments that encourage innovation and efficiency. I believe in providing strategic context to enable teams to own decision-making processes and swiftly meet customer and business needs.

Product Management

I am adept at developing product vision and strategies, ensuring that teams are aligned with the right problems for customers and the business, and designing systems to ensure excellent execution and delivery.

Development Process Design

I understand the needs of developers and business stakeholders, and collaborate with engineering leaders to design a development process that fits the organization's culture.

User Experience Research & Design

I have a broad range of experience in this field, including ethnography, usability testing, participatory design, concept testing, and surveys. I also have hands-on experience with flow diagrams, wireframes, and interactive prototypes.